Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

I have worked with Jill for three years and what an impact she has made on my life! With Jill’s skillful and sensitive guidance, and using the many tools she has provided, I sit on top of the world. I have found myself, my inner being is free, and I feel alive, happy, forever grateful, and blessed! Jill encouraged me with laughter, sensitivity, and strength, always believing the greatness that was deep within. Jill, I thank you with all my heart and soul. PHYSICIAN, MAJOR PHILADELPHIA HEALTH SYSTEM

I knew that I was going to experience dramatic professional and personal growth from the moment I first met Jill to initiate our coaching relationship. I recognized that with Jill’s expertise I was going to move toward my goals at the fastest rate I possibly could. I was immediately impressed with Jill’s intense focus on my goals, challenges and personal and professional resources. Her swift assessment enabled her to zero in on a plan to move me forward in building my self-awareness and chart a course to becoming the strongest communicator and leader that I could become. Jill possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and insights that establish her as one of the most talented coaches in her field. ERIC TERHAERDT SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT OPERATIONS ASTRAZENECA

Our organization’s executive leadership and communication teams had the privilege of participating in media training with Jill Chernekoff. It was a pleasure to work with a professional who is so highly organized, extremely responsive to our objectives, and clearly able to customize coaching to our organization. With the rigorous lessons, preparation and practices Jill provided, our executive leadership team honed the skills necessary to deliver strong authentic messages with clarity and succinctness. She also prepared our team to skillfully answer the “hardball” questions succinctly, persuasively and with a high-level of self- confidence and comfort. I highly recommend Jill’s media training and coaching to all potential spokespeople — Jill provides the communication tools needed to navigate any interview and to effectively communicate with the media! JULIANN JAFFE, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS, VALLEY FORGE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES

Jill has been a tremendous catalyst for change and growth. Her intuitive, straightforward approach allows her wealth of knowledge and experience to permeate the discussion in a way that challenges the current state and provokes thought, self-evaluation, and broadening of the mind. The end result is new possibility, new ways of thinking, a more effective leadership style. She quickly identifies your strengths, and helps you leverage your key attributes. She helps you use your new self-awareness to develop into a complete leader. Jill is an effective executive coach that can transform organizations in a tangible way that brings results to the bottom line. TIM LORGE PRESIDENT, BEVERAGE NORTH AMERICA, CROWN CORK AND SEAL, INC

In a short period of time, Jill’s coaching has yielded positive results by providing effective and customized support to enable personal transformation and career role transition. Jill emphasizes the importance of mindfulness as a key factor in strengthening my leadership and communication skills while also enhancing my capabilities to think strategically and maintain intellectual honesty, influencing, and delivering results. A. HELLEN, COMPLIANCE EXECUTIVE, TD BANK

When I first began working with Jill, I had in mind that I wanted to become the best I could be as a speaker/presenter. After just two meetings I was convinced she had a ton of knowledge coupled with a great approach that would lead me to accomplishing my goal. What I wasn’t counting on was how much Jill’s guidance along with the insight and wisdom she imparted during the process would impact so many other aspects of my career and personal life. Through my interaction with Jill I have become better… period. CRAIG MAROWITZ, CEO EXPERT TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES

Jill was a joy to partner with as an executive coach. In Jill’s warm style, she coached me in delivering a higher level of engagement evidenced by tangible outcomes. I highly recommend Jill to others looking to do the same. Jill took me to the next level and provided me with the tools to continue to grow throughout my life. As a former commercial banker, master of public policy and administration, Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), nonprofit leader and lobbyist, I hold Jill in the highest regard, and in a lifetime filled with many strong mentors, consider her to be my top life-catalyst. JOHN D BAKER MPA, CFRE, REGISTERED LOBBYIST, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, POLICY AND PROGRAMS AT DELAWARE ALLIANCE FOR NONPROFIT ADVANCEMENT

Transformative, both professionally and personally, is the best way I can describe my journey with Jill. She helped me uncover what was really “underneath” my motivations and drive, which in turn gave me the power to see what was getting in the way of being the most authentic leader I could be. My mantra with Jill is to constantly create “ease and velocity” in my life, and I can see that result at work and with my family. K. LAUR EXECUTIVE, ASTRAZENECA

Once in a lifetime you have the chance to be touched by someone as special as Jill. She has a gift of relating to others that will help you elevate your most important relationships to new levels. If you want to be treated with the ultimate in sensitivity, gain self-confidence, position yourself to attack life’s unique experiences, and learn how to communicate with maximum results, working with Jill will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. DAVID J. WILK CRE, MAI, NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF CORPORATE REAL ESTATE AND ADVISORY SERVICES FOR SPERRY VAN NESS

We recently transitioned our investment advisory firm away from a large Broker Dealer to our own Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA). With that change we focused on educating our clients through monthly workshops. We interviewed several highly qualified professionals before hiring Jill. Within the first phone call I knew Jill was perfect for what we needed. Within a short time period, Jill transformed my public speaking and presentation skills. Drawing upon her years of experience, personal storytelling and dedication to perfection, Jill is a one-of-a-kind coach. Jill, thank you for your time, dedication and professionalism in building my confidence. You’re the best! MICHAEL PALLOZZI PRESIDENT, HFM INVESTMENT ADVISORS, INC.

It has been an honor and a real delight working with Jill. As a coach, she is insightful and skilled; as a colleague, she is reliable and wise; and as a leader she is inspiring and focused. Needless to say, I highly recommend Jill as an excellent coach and a refreshingly astute business partner. MICHAEL CARROLL, COO, GLOBAL COACHING ALLIANCE

Jill’s technique challenges the executive to look inside and speak from the heart, ensuring that you connect with the audience and deliver a powerful message. For anyone truly interested in improving their presentation skills, Jill offers an excellent program. DAN MOLONEY EXECUTIVE VP, MOTOROLA

Working with Jill helped catapult my growth at an exponential pace. The way she weaves executive coaching into executive presentation skills is masterful. When I began, I shook at the podium. Now I stride into a room of hundreds, and enjoy every presentation opportunity! Jill’s insight and deep wisdom bring out my “best self.” Jill not only provides excellent, practical tools, but also inspiration and resilience for continued success. I highly recommend Jill as an insightful and results-driven coach.” CORINNE WOHL PRESIDENT, GC. WOHL & ASSOCIATES, INC. – FORMER HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR

Jill has been instrumental in helping me to define and achieve my career-oriented goals while bringing clarity to my overall purpose in life. After every session, I walk away with a greater sense of focus on my real priorities and the motivation to tackle any challenge. ERICK MAZZONI, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD

Our extensive client roster includes business leaders from dozens of industries, including: